Lego Compatible Ornament

Author: Caboose, published on 2013-11-25

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Cover photo image credit: Aggiehouse

This is a Lego compatible ornament base for use on a Christmas tree or to be hung from similar holiday aperatus and / or shrubbery.


Simple for a reason:

Use with any Lego pieces. Make any scene you want! Has spaces to fit over 40 Lego figures on or in. I did not render Lego figures on the model, but the sky is the limit. This ornament can as massive as you want.


Lego compatible, for use with any Lego parts. Ornament hanger hole on top.


20% infil is fine, with 1 shell. I recommend you use support if your printer cannot do the top. Make sure the orientation of the print is with ornament hole facing up.

Change List

v1: Initial release
v2: Horizontal pegs are 0.2mm wider to hold Legos better
v3: Correct orientation for printing

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: Lego, MakerBotOrnaments