Limbitless Arm for Alex (V1)

Author: UCFArmory, published on 2014-07-28

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We are uploading our design for the Limbitless Arm. This will include a parts list, instructions for developing the electronics, as well as the CAD and STL parts for printing and editing.

Additionally contact for resources and the community of developers.


See the Instructions File attached for Building the Circuit.
Parts List:
To Print:
Forearm Lid
Flexy-Hand (at 80% for current version of arm)
Muscle Sensor: (
Arduino Micro: (
Aircraft Servo (150 oz-in) (
LiPo Batteries (Currently configured for two 3.6 V and one 7.4 V, though we are reducing it to a single battery)
Battery Chargers
Shoulder Harness:
Shock Doctor Shoulder Brace (Optional) : (
Velcro Straps: Lowes
Small Rubber-bands or elastic wrap (we are moving to a hinge and track design for the next version however)
Foam Inserts
Velcro with adhesive back
Flexible Shaft Bitholding Screwdriver: this makes life much easier
Helicoil or anchors for mounting the hand/elbow.
Kevlar Survival Cord (.036″)
Fishing line to thread the cords
Micro-grip finger tips

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