Author: cerberus333, published on 2013-10-27

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For the upcoming Halloween festivities.

I took the model
and used it as a starting point for a human head sculpt.
It was necessary to cut the bottom flat in meshmixer and export to .obj
so I could rework it in sculptris.
but a nice starting point


I used 5% infill to ensure the top was supported
had a few cracks
filled in with ABS/acetone goop
vapor polished

I personally don’t like infill on big peices
seems like i get worse cracks than holes
(well it really depends on the model)
but for these head sculpts i think it is better to clean
up post printing.
with 5% infill this is a hefty 125.2 grams
@ $0.032
it comes to $4.01

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