Luke Skywalker Lightsaber : 8 Component, Super easy to print, Minimal support needed

Author: infinati, published on 2014-05-13

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This Lightsaber is a remake from scratch of the one I posted on Star Wars day. The middle section has been reworked to be accurate to the one used in the movie. If you have a small printer, this model is super easy to make.

To minimize the support structures that would have to be sanded down in order for the lightsaber look good, this object has been broken down into 8 different components. Some pieces have some external support still, notably the control box, but it should be easy to clean up.

For assembly of the main body, you simply remove the supports from inside the holes, fill with a generous amount of hotglue, and stick the parts together. Start with Part 1, and move your way up the stack. For the control box, add hotglue and stick to the side of Part 3. Don’t worry about getting the insides of the holes completely clean, the plugs are designed 1mm shorter than the depth of the holes.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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