Lyman / Mulier Filament Extruder V5

Author: hlyman, published on 2014-07-01

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The Lyman / Mulier Filament Extruder V5 extrudes filament for use in 3D printers.
Stepper Gear Motors
LCD control of Ramps for all functions
Filament Diameter Sensor
Level Winding filament onto Filament Spool.
Manual is 60 pages and there are 35 stl part files in the zip folder.
BOM for each sub assembly is included with each exploded view of the assembly.
Material Cost of about $600.
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Lyman made the mechanical parts for two extruders.
Mulier made the electronic parts for two extruders.
We each assembled our extruders and began testing, changing and retesting now for 4 months. Improvements are sure to happen.
Full construction and operating instructions are included in the manual. You will find and understand all the features and functions by reading the manual.
Keep in mind that the Sensor, Level Wind and the Spool Windup sub assemblies are optional. You could build the extruder without these and still extrude filament with only having to wind the filament onto a spool from the floor as shown in earlier extruder versions.
Good Luck.

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