M5 Threaded Rod Knob (w/ Nut Trap)

Author: costamosta, published on 2013-09-28

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Simple knob for Z axis threaded rods used for leveling your (heated) bed. (Pictured on a Makerfarm Prusa i3)

Requires two M5 hex nuts per knob.

For rods with 5mm thread-to-thread widths. Push one nut into the knob’s nut trap. Thread the loose nut down the rod first then thread the knob with the other nut inside over it until they meet. Tighten knob and bottom nut to fit snugly.

30mm width, 10mm Height, M5 Nut Trap.


Using the following options:

Knob_Diameter = 30
Rosette_Radius = 7
Rosette_Offset = 3
Wall_Thickness = 3
Knob_Type = 1
Thread_Size = 5
Knob_Fill = 2
Number_of_Rosettes = 6
Chamfer_Size = 1
Knob_Thickness = 10

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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