Make #6 – Classic Icicle

Author: faberdasher, published on 2013-12-05

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Inspired by nature’s original winter decoration, we’ve created this Classical Icicle. Beautifully faceted to catch the light, this is the perfect hanging ornament for your home.

Faberdashery are releasing daily, seasonal designs for you to print and enjoy. Join in the fun with our 25 Days of Making! This is Make #6 of 25.


Slice with 2 shells (/perimeters) and 0% infill, ideally in transparent PLA. At coarse resolution (0.3mm), you will find prints retain good transparency (and print quicker!).
Created in stunning Faberdashery Glacial Blue PLA^.

Object requires ~4g of material (~1m of 3mm / ~2m of 1.75mm filament).

For making large batches of Icicles, we’ve provided a plated version of three… yes, a tri-icicle.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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