Maker Faire Robot Action Figure (Single file)

Author: LeFabShop, published on 2014-05-14

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The world needs a New Hero :
The French Maker!

le FabShop organises the first PARIS MAKER FAIRE (June 21st and 22nd).

To celebrate that, our creative director, Samuel N. Bernier, designed a very clever and cute version of the MAKER FAIRE ROBOT. It is fully articulated, with a total of 11 axis, printed all at once. If you liked our little elephant, you will LOVE this FFF 3D printing exploit!

See you in Paris for the most stylish Maker Faire ever.


Just print it on his but and work the axis gently once removed from the build platform.

The roBot can easily be scaled up, but we never tried scaling it down.

It takes 2 hours to print in standard mode.


License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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