Manual Playing Card Shuffler

Author: RockstarAlchemist, published on 2013-08-15

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I was inspired by an old card shuffler my grandmother had.

Like this:


Here is the video:

To print:
1 x CrankFace
1 x CrackFaceBack
1 x Handle
2 x AxleCap
1 x SmallCap
1 x SmallGear
2 x SmallGearLittleHole
1 x BigGear
2 x Roller
2 x CardGuide
2 x CardDeck
2 x CardGuideBottom

To finish you’ll need:
2 x 140 mm x 2 mm (coat hanger wire)
2 x 3 mm grub screw
31 x M3 x 10mm bolts
3 x 3 mm ID washers
Rubber Band (to glue to roller for grip)

Future revisions will include:

  1. Improved gear mesh
  2. Bumper to guide cards downward
  3. Perhaps smaller footprint, as it seems to be a bit wide for a deck of cards.
  4. More cutouts to reduce mass of ABS used.
  5. Options for nuts, rather than relying on plastic to hold the bolts.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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