Martian rover

Author: repbaza, published on 2016-02-04

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Then I plan to install FPV system and make robotic arm
I want to experience it on the street, but it is winter … All around snow. Russia..))

there are only 19 pieces))) is not difficult to understand. Screws: M3, M5, M10

if the cab to make airtight, then it can be submerged. I did so, but it is not possible for me to check. it is winter. although seems to me he would not go under the water, it will float. his weight is only 2,8kg (6,17LB).

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These powerful motors, but the speed will be less:

12MM Hex connector:


Shock Absorber:

Shock absorber:

Hexagon Ball End:

Ball End:


Tube carbone 20mm
approximate length:
2x50mm, 95mm, 105mm

Three on the left side of the motor are connected in parallel to a single speed controller. the right side is also parallel to the second speed control. Further speed controllers are connected to the receiver from the model aircraft equipment. the first and second channel. Control equipment of RC Planes. I use this:<;
(but it can be less expensive and does not matter.)

how to configure the console’s hard to explain in a few words. each country has its own forum on aircraft modeling. There, people can easily prompt to configure the remote. Simply place a link to the video, and they understand everything.

Now the international forum:


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