MeArm V0.3 – Pocket Sized Robot Arm

Author: phenoptix, published on 2014-04-14

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This is the latest installment of the MeArm. Lots of fixes over the V0.2 and is the first to have a working grabber. Designed to be light weight and inexpensive, consisting of four hobby servos and an A4 sheet of acrylic.
As with V0.2. The main architect of this arm is a talented chap called Jack Howard.
Action shots on youtube
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Kit now available!
Full instructions on instructables!
Code available on Github (now featuring inverse kinematics!)


To build this arm you’ll need a laser cutter or 3D printer for the parts. In addition you’ll need:
4 x Hobby Servos
4 Rubber feet,
4 x 20mm M3
19 x M3 Nuts
10 x 8mm M3
3 x 10mm M3
11 x 12mm M3
5 x 6mm M3

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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