Mechanical Iris

Author: sketchpunk, published on 2015-04-15

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V2 : Small improvements go a long way
Finally had time to finish modeling this project. Surprised at the amount of makes and I feel bad for you guys printing something that was incomplete. To make life easier, I updated 3 parts and added a new part to make the iris, but if you already printed the leafs, you can reuse them with the new parts. Hopefully this will give you guys a better table top piece to show off 3d printing.

Saw a diy paper mechanical iris thing online and thought it was pretty cool. I couldn’t find this style of iris on thingiverse, so I research different designs and found one that might be 3D printable on instructables.

The trickiest part was getting the leafs printed thin enough plus have a pin on both sides. After a few leaf attempts I got it working fairly well, sadly It can not close all the way. Can’t make the thing work any thinner then 0.6mm, maybe a different leaf design will allow it to close and probably use less leafs.

This was really made as a 3D Printing Proof of concept. At some point down the line I might try to refine it by making some steam punk goggles, Also thinking of a possible camera lens cap that slides open and close when I need it without removing the cap.

Inspired from Instructables Article :

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Need to print 11 leaf and pins. Glue the pins to the leafs so that there is a pin facing outward on each side. From there just use some clamp thing to help keep things together as you lay the leafs on the base.

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