Mendel Tricolour Modifications for igus RJMP linear bearings

Author: 3DAndy, published on 2013-11-22

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Modified X-Ends, X-Carriage and Y-Bearing-Holder for RepRapPro TriColour Mendel to be used with igus 8mm RMJP linear bearings.

Edit 2013-12-16; added X-Carriage for T2.5-belt.

Edit 2013-12-18: Frame is completly assembled and works fine. Picture of the frame is online (Green parts are modified by me – purple parts are the original parts without modifications.). A a short video could be found on youtube:

Edit 2013-12-23: added X-ends for LM8UU-bearings. This parts are not tested by me (because I do not have any LM8UU here). Just for your information: LM8UU to have an outer diameter of 15mm (while igus RJMP-08 do have 16mm!) – so make sure to pick the right x-ends for your project.

By the way: if you need igus RJMP-01-08 bearings please send a personal message – maybe I could arrange something 😉

License: GNU – GPL

Tags: Mendel, RepRapPro, Tricolour