Mendelmax adjustable feet

Author: kdupke, published on 2013-08-21

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At the beginning I leveled my MendelMax by washers. But as I had to present it at a couple of different places I had always an interesting time to base level the MM.

So I made these adjustable feets for my MendelMax.

All you need is 4 M5 nuts, 4 M5 washers, 4 M5 x 25mm (or more) hexagon bolts.

The 4 T-Slot-nuts should be already in the frame 😉

With my first prints the hole was too small so I had to drill it to the exact size – but that might be even a better fit than printed not sure yet.

Just lock the bolt via the t-nut to the frame. Then level by the nut and gravity.

This was mady by mind, not by cad, and executed by tincercad – so forgive me if there is no cad file or so available.

This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike