Micro H-Quadcopter for 8.5mm motors

Author: alpinedrones, published on 2015-03-10

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  • 30x37mm FC compartment
  • upper deck with integrated spacers form m3x20 plastic screws
  • rubber band mount for 1s batteries
  • small integrated camera mount (I use double sided tape)

UPDATE 17.03.2015: new top part with redesigned rubber band mount

UPDATE 07.05.2015: TOP4 and BODY2 files: 3.5mm holes and a two body versions. 120 (as before) and 130 for parrot rolling spider props. There are also combined and separated files for the top part (plate and spacers). You can either tweak your design with coloured spacers or flip the top plate upside down to elevate the camera.

UPDATE 18.05.2015: thingiverse user mkZero reported errors with the main frame parts. Although the original files worked fine for me I’ve uploaded netfabb-repaired files as well. General printing tip: to avoid nasty surprises use a gcode animator to check your files before printing. I always do it and use this one most of the time: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:35248

UPDATE 08.11.2015: “beef” versions – a broader FC compartment, especially for beef boards. these versions also have the slots for the motor cables facing inwards.

UPDATE 01.12.2015: as requested beef versions with seams to hold the motors in position.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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