Micrometer Set Inch/Metric

Author: LtDan, published on 2016-01-11

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Inch and metric versions of a two piece printable micrometer. The Inch micrometer has a travel length of 2.5 inches and the metric has a travel length of 30 mm. I have included an additional base piece for each one with a slightly longer anvil. This should allow you too file down one end to make your micrometer as accurate as possible. I have printed both versions and the inch version is generally accurate with in +-3 thousandths. The metric version can be really accurate (+-40 microns).

I strongly recommend printing the calibratable versions of the base piece. If you use the standard base piece you may end up with measurements that are offset by 15 thousandths or so.

EDIT (1/12/16): I re-uploaded the rod piece because I thought the knurling was too deep and was painful to turn. It’s only a slight change though and you probably don’t need to re-download it.

EDIT (1/15/16): I uploaded the part Base_Inch_Calibrate in which I added 20 thousandths to the anvil (the static end). I did this to compensate for the fact that mine measures 16 thousandths too short and I suggest sanding or filing it down until the micrometer reads the correct value.

EDIT (1/16/16): I have uploaded stls for a 30mm metric version. To print this one you need 4.3 inches vertical. I strongly suggest printing the Base_Metric_Calibrate part so you can adjust it to be as accurate as possible.

Also check out Ultimaker’s cool time lapse print of it here!

Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: Probably less than .2mm


License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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