Millennium Falcon Hi-Res

Author: Geoffro, published on 2014-04-30

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**Update v1.1, have included the cut up version.

Obviously I do not own the rights to Star Wars, this is purely a fan art piece. This was a mesh I created many many moons ago (long before I ever had a 3D printer) and yes, there were some parts I salvaged from other ships and meshes, so it’s not completely accurate but I figured with May the 4th coming up I should just upload it anyway 🙂 The underneath isn’t all that detailed, but that should hopefully make removing support easier if it’s printed belly down.

The original was about 10x more detailed, much of the piping had to be removed because it was just too thin to print. So far the test print is going well, but not a short one, at 0% infill and 0.2mm @about 60ms feed its a 3 hour print and you really want to print slow on this one.

I am still doing alot to this mesh to make it more printable and will have a cut up version soon. I wanted to see how the full size one printed as I would like to do this around the scale of the old style AMT plastic kit.

I am currently printing this on its side with the cockpit at the highest point of the print, i’ll print it laying down flat next to see what yields the best print, but I feel the cut up version might be worth waiting for as this is a challenging print.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives

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