Mini Drill Press for Hobby Drill

Author: MarkBenson, published on 2013-09-01

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A miniature drill press for hobby style drills.

Ideal for drilling holes in PCBs.

The included tool mounts are designed to fit a RotaCraft RC18 Hobby Drill. It should be fairly easy to design mounts to fit other hobby drills.

Update: I should have mentioned that I included the original thumb-wheel scad/stl just in case. I replaced it with the arm as I found the thumb-wheel hard to use.


You wil need the printed parts:

drill_base x 1
fixed_slide x1
sliding_wedge_rack x1
rack_gear x 1
arm_mount x1
arm_knob x1

tool mounts to fit your hobby drill or:

rotacraft_rc18_drill_body_mount x 1
rotacraft_rc180_drill_collar_mount x 1

M3x6 screw x 1 (To secure return spring in fixed slide)
M3x8 screw x 1 (To secure rack_gear)
M3x12 screws x 5 (To secure tool mounts)
M3x20 screw x 1 (To secure return spring to sliding wedge)
M3 washers x 6
M3 nut x 7

M8x80 threaded rod x 2 (Upright post and main shaft)
M8x110 smooth rod x 1 (Arm)

M8 Nut x 5
M8 wing-nut x 1
M8 washer x 4

Return spring x 1

Fit threaded rod to base with captive M8 nut and secure with M8 nut and washer.

Fit fixed slide to same rod with M8 nut and washer and captive M8 nut.

Fit M3 nut into slot in rack_gear. You may have to heat the nut up and melt it into place. Fit M3x8 screw into gear. Thread M8 threaded rod into lugs on fixed_slide, adding the rack_gear. Add an M8 washer on one side, then an M8 nut followed by the arm_mount and M8 wing-nut. Tighten M3 screw in rack_gear. You may need to file a flat into the M8 threaded rod to make sure the rack gear doesn’t slip.

Fix tool mounts to sliding_wedge with 3 x M3 x 12 screws and 1 x M3 x 20 screw (the longer screw should be at the bottom right to attach return spring) and M3 nuts and washers.

Mount tool and secure with M3x12 screws and nuts and washers.

Fit sliding wedge into fixed_slide and attach return spring to the long M3 screw in the sliding wedge and attach to fixed slide with M3x6 screw into appropriate screw hole (there are 3 holes to allow adjustment).

Adjust position of arm by slacking off the wing-nut, moving the arm and re-tightening wing-nut.

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