Mini Drill Press for PCB Drill

Author: ftobler, published on 2015-01-09

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This is my miniature Drill press.

I made it to drill holes in PCBs.

The brackets have a inside diameter of 24mm.

Be free to read the instructions 🙂

Inspired by this project on Thingiverse
(mine is a total redesign)

Drill is from Ebay here
Sadly, the drill chuck could be better.


Part List:

6x M3x12
6x M3 Nut
About 320mm M6 threaded rod
4x M6 nut
2x M6 washer
wooden base 125x60x18mm
24mm diameter drill Motor (Ebay)


  • Print the parts out. Let them cool before you remove them, because you don’t want to bend something (especially the slider).

Be sure the parts are completely cool, because if they are hot, they will shrink a bit.

Rasp the slider crosswise on a sheet of sandpaper until it fits the base perfectly. The sandpaper should lie on a flat surface. I only sanded the surface width the gear rack.

I attached the gear width superglue to the threaded rod. Same thing width the lever.

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