Mini FPV Tricopter

Author: EMaglio, published on 2014-11-02

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Here’s my latest design, a 3D printed mini tricopter. I wanted an FPV racer, but also something that would stand out from the masses of other minis out there. It’s either 250 or 280 size depending on the arms installed. Complete specs:

  • SunnySky 2204 2300kV motors
  • Gemfan 5×3 Props
  • Magic 12A ESCs with SimonK
  • Glacier 3S 1000mah Battery
  • Naze32 Flight Controller
  • HS-55 Tail Servo
  • PZ0420M FPV Camera
  • HobbyKing TS5823 Mini Video Transmitter
  • 6x M3x14mm screws for the body/arm connections
  • 2x M3x8mm screws for the battery cover
  • 1x M3x35mm screw, 2x M3 washers, and 1x M3 lock nut for the tail
    I sell kits for those without 3D printers, though I have a feeling that everyone on here would rather print one for themselves. Enjoy!


Recommended print settings:

  • Layer height: 0.2mm
  • Number of Perimeters: 2
  • Bottom Solid Layers: 3
  • Top Solid Layers: 3
  • Infill: 50% for the tail motor mount, 20% for everything else
    I usually print in PLA for better inter-layer adhesion and more rigidity, but ABS should be fine as well.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

Tags: FPV, RC, Tricopter