Mini Ninteno Entertainment System (NES)

Author: RabbitEngineering, published on 2013-07-22

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It’s two inches wide! And you won’t have to blow on it to make it look cute!
Designed on OpenSCAD.
UPDATE: Uploaded the art for the sticker as an RTF.

If you don’t feel like printing, buy one here: http:/


I printed mine on Replicator 2, with PLA and glued using cyanoacrylate (superglue). I printed using gunmetal PLA for the black parts, and white PLA for the other colours, which were then painted with Rustoleum spray and Tamiya acrylics.
Print one of each part, except for controllerbutton.stl – you need 2 of those.
NES purists will need to build two controllers, so remember to print more of those parts 🙂
The colours for the parts are:
Red: controllerbutton.stl
Tan: controllerbody.stl, bodytop.stl
Light Grey: bodybottom.stl
Black: blackblockfront.stl, blackblockrear.stl, controllerplate.stl, controllerdpad.stl
To assemble:
Glue controllerplate to controllerbody, ensuring that the dpad hole (cross shape) ends on the LEFT of the controller.
Glue controller dpad to controllerbody (using the peg and hole as guides)
Glue the two controllerbuttons to controllerbody (using the holes as a guide)
Glue bodytop to bodybottom, ensuring that you end up with a vertical slot on the RIGHT side of the console as it faces you.
Glue blackblockfront to the vertical slot that has been formed by the two body parts. The fit here is pretty snug
Glue blackblockrear to the slot at the back of bodytop.
Optionally, print a little sticker with the logo on label paper.

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