Minion <3 you :)

Author: wlky, published on 2015-02-04

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Everybody loves minions. Now minions can love you back 🙂

This is a simple design of a minion holding a heart (and my first upload to thingiverse so I hope everything works 😛).
You can either just print it the way it is, or add a custom name/text in front of the heart.


If you want to customize the text on top of the heart you have two options:

1: For this you’ll need to have access to 3ds Max

  • Open “minion_heart.max”
  • Expand the node “MinionCombined” in the Scene Explorer
  • Selecte the node “name” in the Scene Explorer
  • Go to the “Modify” tab, select the “Text” modifier and change the Text attribute

*In order to avoid 3ds max recalculating the model after each letter you can tick the “Manual Update” option, change the Text and the hit “Update”

2: For this Method you’ll need a scad tool (e.g. OpenSCAD)

Furthermore you need the “write.scad” file ( and the files “minion_heart.scad” and “minion_heart_base.stl”

  • Put the “write.scad” file, and the font you want to use (e.g. “knewave.dxf”) in a subdirectory of the directory where you put the minion files, and call the subdirectory “write”
  • Open “minion_heart.scad”
  • Change the parameters of the write command
  • Hit F6
  • Export to STL

I printed the Minion in 33% size, with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.25mm layer height.
It’s probably best to print it on its back, with supports for the feet, and probably also for the first couple of layers of the body, but I have printed it successfully without supports as well.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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