Modio Lamp

Author: ibudmen, published on 2014-10-08

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Modio has given us a wonderful set of modular bits to work with – with hooks, balls and holes there are infinite combinations for creative constructions. Browsing the mail-order from another maker of modular merchandise I discovered the HEMMA lamp cord and the Modio Lamp was born!

Steps to make your Modio Lamp:

  • Purchase a HEMMA lamp cord
  • Print the Modio-Lamp Connector bit
  • Download Modio on your device & print some bits
  • Assemble a lamp from your wildest imagination!
  • Optional print some customizable Modio-Windows to create a lamp shade

Modio Window Panel

Most of the Modio bits have these great little holes in them, the customizable window prints with a peg that fits perfectly in them. Using the customizable window panel you can create an array of different sized lamp shade bits to help disperse the light from your lamp.


The lamp featured in the photos uses:

  • 1 x Modio-Lamp connector bit
  • 8 x Modio-Window.stl
  • 8 x Modio-torsos.stl
  • 8 x Modio-clamptoclamp.stl
  • 16 x Modio-balltoclamp.stl

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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