Monogrammed iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and 6 Case

Author: TheNewHobbyist, published on 2013-08-11

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Update: v1.5
ADDED iPhone 6 case

This iPhone case generator was co-designed by myself (TheNewHobbyist) and visual artist/designer Silvia Heisel.

For the best fit and finish I recommend printing this case with PLA and Makerware’s medium setting.

Print one to personalize your iPhone with your initials (or any other three letter combination). Don’t have a printer (or just want to have us print it for you)? These cases are also available for purchase at

Change Log:

Update v1.1:
UPDATED dimensions of iPhone 5 case for a better fit
UPDATED to include v1.1 of Monospaced Stencil Font for OpenSCAD

Update v1.2
FIXED a typo in v1.1 that caused monograms not to render.

Update v1.3
UPDATED to include v1.3 of Monospaced Stencil Font for OpenSCAD

Update v1.4 UPDATED to include v1.4 of Monospaced Stencil Font for OpenSCAD this adds the following characters to the font: 1234567890 (:^-+)<*%.,>[;|!#]

Update: v1.5 ADDED iPhone 6 case.


  1. Download all files attached to this thing.
  2. Open Monogram_iPhone_Case_TNH.scad
  3. Personalize with your own initials, case thickness, and iPhone model.
  4. Print in PLA, and enjoy!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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