Motorized Star Wars AT-AT

Author: LtDan, published on 2015-10-26

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This is a walking model of an AT-AT from the Star Wars films. It is powered by a 9V battery, a 90 rpm motor, and a switch. Everything else is 3d printed using roughly 750 grams of filament.

Here is a short video of it walking

Thanks to user dobrink for making an even better model and sharing a video!

The entire design includes of 69 individual parts (28 STL files). It sounds like a ton but most of them are small easy prints. I printed a complete set of parts in about four days. Depending on how good your printer is it may take some hours to clean up the parts and assemble it. This is a large model, it’s almost a foot tall. Make sure your printer is large enough to print all the parts as they cannot be scaled down!

The non 3d printed components can be purchased here:
Motor – $13
Switch – $0.75
9V Battery Clip – $1.25
(I used a battery clip I had laying around so you may need to cut and solder the wires)
You will also need some super glue.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message.

Print Settings

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: All parts were printed at 0.2 mm except for the body and head pieces which were 0.3mm.

Infill: I used 10% for everything


Printer Requirements:Part ListThe following parts need support structure:


I’ve included some pictures to help with the assembly of this. If you still have questions feel free to shoot me a message.

I designed the gear tooth profile to be 3d printing friendly, but you likely will still need to floss the teeth with a file to get them to mesh well.

Many of the parts required a decent amount of clean up work (especially the gears) and you can make good use of files, sandpaper, wood chisels, and super glue. Some of the joints may be a really tight fit and don’t need to be glued depending on your printer.

There are two LiftGear parts that look similar but are mirrored. It’s important to print two of each. The same goes for the two LegPivot parts.

Once completed this model will only walk well on smooth surfaces. (I’m kind of surprised it walks at all)

CAD Files + Blender Assembly

I have created a blender file with the complete design animated. This can help if you have questions about the assembly. That and it looks cool. You can download this in this dropbox folder. I’ve also included SolidWorks files (inluding an assembly) for all the parts if you are keen on modifying the design. I encourage someone to add more detail to the body/head/leg parts as I don’t have much artistic skill. The SolidWorks stuff in this folder might be a bit rough. I didn’t really try to make it presentable.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

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