Mushrooms – A Greater Variety

Author: thoromyr, published on 2013-10-01

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This second set of mushroom part models expands on the basic toadstool with four new caps, two separate bases and a separate stem. Because the parts are interchangeable with Build-a-Wand any of the wand segments can also be used for stems. In fact, the new stem is distorted version of one of those. One advantage of keeping the parts as separate models is the ability to use different materials and colors as shown.


The photo shows the cap02 and 80mm base with the new stem. All were printed without raft or supports using the default standard settings. The stem was printed directly on the acrylic build plate to best ensure it did not tip.

Be mindful of the size and make use of Makerware’s ability to estimate the time required. Cap 2 was around 12 hours to print, the other parts are not nearly so bad.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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