Nasa Space Wrench (actual file from Nasa)

Author: nibblernibbles, published on 2014-12-24

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Hot off the press …. 23rd December…just in time for Christmas.
This is the first ever tool emailed to space and printed in orbit!
I haven’t even had time to print it yet, it’s that hot.

I found it here:

…but the file wouldn’t download on either IE8 or Firefox.
It did download on Android, but wouldn’t agree to being transmitted to a PC. Finally I made it work by zipping in Android and transmitting the .zip to the PC.

I guess the engineers in Nasa, despite their brains the size of planets, forgot to change the file permissions?

Anyway, here it is for all Earth-dwellers to enjoy!

I did a print in PLA on my K8200. 0.2mm layers.
I think the centre section is meant to turn and ratchet. But mine fused together :o(
Think the clearance needs to be increased for mere earth-bound printers.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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