*NEW* Strong Flex door Carabiner ddf3d Customized

Author: Charlie1982, published on 2015-09-13

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So glad to share the design to you
NEW Strong Flex door Carabiner

It’s a long process to make the previous design as perfect as it should be, and now the core design feature was mature enough to face on the new usability challenge.

The new design come with only 2 parts, hook and door, very easy to assembly and easy to make different scale for your need.

Scaled capacity of 75% to 120%

Door Flexible Strength = 3 (check out the selflex introduce on http://www.ddf3d.com/)

Check out the assembly film here:

Check out the printable operation film here:

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Design for general FDM 3D printer print by PLA or ABS material.
No additional support need, easy to print.
Fast print design make general print time around 45-100 min.

When print on scale 1, infill 50%, nozzle 0.4mm, shell loop 3, general can load 15-35kg load.
The design can print without support and raft set.
Layer high from 0.15mm~0.3mm is fine.
Infill better to use over 50%.

Hope you will like it 😉

Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.15mm

Infill: 50%


How I Designed This

Check out more cool design on

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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