New z-Motor-Holder for the Velleman K8200 or 3Drag

Author: mstolt, published on 2013-09-24

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The original holder for the z-Axis-Stepper-Motor is a plain aluminium bracket. This bracket let the motor move a bit in z-Axis direction. This movement causes wiggles on the z-Axis of printed objects, because some layers gets compressed and others expanded a bit.

With the new motor holder these wiggles are gone 🙂

The original inspiration came from a post from “edirol” in the Velleman support forum. Thanks to him. I redesigned it in openSCAD because i wanted to use M3 nuts and bolts to assemble to two parts.

You need

  • 4 times M3x12mm screws and 4 times M3 washer to mount the motor
  • 4 times M3x20mm screws and 4 times M3 nut to assemble the two pieces together
  • 2 additional M5x12mm screws and 2 square nuts to bolt the assembly to the printer frame.

More details on assembly and the used nuts and bolts can be found inside the openSCAD file.

update: I added a shorter version to react on the comment. This has a 12mm shorter baseplate and should work for the original heat bed configuration. Thanks for the remark on this.

Print long and prosper.

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