Ocarina – fully playable

Author: seggybop, published on 2014-01-26

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Functional “sweet potato” style ocarina. English 5-hole fingering. Plays A4 – B5 — might be some variation/error depending on your printer.

Was surprised not to see any examples of working printable traditional-form ocarinas up here, so I made this up. Let me know what you think, or recommend any changes. If anyone’s interested, I’ll make some alternate versions (fingering patterns, shapes, keys).

edit– whoa, wasn’t expecting this much attention. If you like this thing, tips are appreciated. I really need to buy a “real” ocarina to use as a model to have an easier time making different ocarina styles.
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The ocarina is split into two halves for reliable printing without support material. Don’t rescale it (original size should be ~4.25″ long) or it won’t play as expected. Print the halves with the flat side down. Use the thinnest layer height you can manage to help prevent problems with the voicing (I used .1mm / MakerWare ‘High’ preset).

After printing, glue the halves together. Make sure there are no air leaks along the edges.

If you have a printer with dissolvable support material, you should be able to recombine the halves and print it as a single piece, but make sure the airway doesn’t get clogged with support.

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