Open Source Robotic Arm (Lite Arm i2)

Author: Armatec, published on 2014-10-11

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Dave Beck is making serious progress:
Update January 2nd, 2015
Changes are as follows:
We are working on the forward and inverse kinematics, and had to make changes to part 13B, 15B, and 18B, they are all followed by a “C” instead of “B” to note that a change has been made. The changes make the lengths precise to make perfect alignment in the geometry of the linkages. We will be adding the files for the electronics and software very soon. I archived the files from 2014 so the changes we make to the STL’s moving forward will not erase the work from the past, so you can note the progression or access the early files for whatever reason.
We have a great team working on the development of this arm, and we hope to make this a very useful and dynamic tool in 2015!

UPDATE 12.21.14

Added 14B_and_17B 2.1.stl (a cleaner part)

Replaced 14B and 17B with:
14B_and_17B 2.0.stl due to unstable files

Replaced 8B with 8B2.0 There was a discrepancy in part symmetry in association with part 7B.

“Lite Arm Iteration 2” is a further improved iteration of the first project:

Special Thanks to contributors to this project!
My local team:
Robert Cordtz -R&D (Bay Area California)
Chris Beck -R&D (Bay Area California)
Emmanuel Mota -R&D (Bay Area California)
Myself- Lance Pierson -Structural Design & Chief Agitator (Bay Area California)

My Online Contributors: (on Thingiverse)
David Beck /Dacb -Electronics and Software (Pacific Northwest)
Billie Jamerson /Reichenstein7 -Structural Design & Media (DC Metro)

Thank you to everyone else I did not mention!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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