Organic Geodesic

Author: Fredbartels, published on 2016-01-18

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An organic dome experiment. This started as a test of some ideas related to building an organically shaped dome of CNC’d plywood. I don’t have a CNC machine, or easy access to one, so I did the prototyping with my 3D printer. There was no glue used to hold the dome together when it was just a framework. (See third picture above.) After glueing rice paper to each triangle a little hot glue was used to lock each triangle into the framework.

In the next stage I’ll be turning the dome into a light sculpture by covering each triangle with translucent rice paper and putting programmable LEDs underneath.

1/21/2016 Covered the triangles with rice paper. Next step is adding the programmable RGB LEDs. Should be done tomorrow!

1/22/2016 Finished the light sculpture!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: cnc, geodesic, light, organic, sculpture