P08 Luger – Functional Assembly

Author: lilykill, published on 2015-02-20

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This is a fully functional 1:1 model of P08 Luger. The pistol is assembled as the original would have been with some slight variartion to make it printable and usable. Once assembled, the pistol can be cocked and has a removable magazine with working release button. Certain dimensions to the real pistols might be different but everything I tried to keep original as possible. The only thing that is not included are the spring return for the bolt and certain parts of the firing assembly which just are not printable. All drawings for the print were found in a PDF I found online which I have included as well for anyone interested. Any additional detail I couldnt get from the drawings I got from reference images of the internet.

Just to let you know what your in for, some of these files like the main body will not be an easy print but Ive tried to keep it as simple as possible.

For a bill of materials, just print one of every file, and 2 of the file named ‘SCREW’. This will give you one working assembly. I have also included a fully assembled STP file for assembly if your stuck.

I have not printed this yet but I am very confident that it should assemble no problem as I created the model from the drawing myself and ensure the general printer tolerances for fits where used.

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