“Pencil” Puzzler

Author: gzumwalt, published on 2015-09-14

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Many thanks Thingiverse for featuring this thing! Also, thanks for the “Alliance Of Magicians” heads up! 🙂

An old pencil magic trick, designed to appear to chop a solid pencil into 3 pieces, then magically restore the pieces back together.

Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgqfPC3dVBA.

I built my first version of this thing out of bass wood and “laddie” pencils in my high school days. Plastic versions of the illusion are available in magic stores and on the web, but I decided to design and print my own.

All pieces are printed, even the “pencil” pieces.


At the request of many, I’ve uploaded “Assembly.stl”.


Study “Assembly.skp” or “Assembly.stl”.

Print and assemble all pieces as shown in “Assembly.skp” or “Assembly.stl”.

Test fit and trim, file, sand, etc. all parts as necessary for smooth movement of moving surfaces, and tight fit for non moving surfaces. Depending on the colors you chose and your printer settings, more or less trimming, filing and/or sanding will be required.

Assemble as shown in “Assembly.skp” or “Assembly.stl”.

I used an indelible ink marker to add the pencil lead effect to the ends of all pencil pieces.

Comment if you have questions.

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