Peon230 – Quadcopter

Author: Tech2C, published on 2015-01-10

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Designed for strength, function and light weight, build yourself this 230 size Quadcopter frame.

Suggested Setup:
-Motor: – 1804 2400kv
-ESC: 10A with SimonK
-Prop: – 5×3
-Flight Controller: NanoWii, CC3D, Flip, Naze, etc
-Battery: – Zippy Compact 3S 1000mah 35c, Multistar 3S 1400mah

HDcam mounting strap slots compatible with Mobius and GoPro.

Base and Top v1.1 – rear mounting spacers moved further back for better rear arm support.


All parts printed at 0.2mm layer height and 3 perimeters.

-Top and Bottom frames, HDcam and FPVcam @ 30% infill x 1 of each
-Arms @ 100% infill x 4
-ArmSupport @ 100% infill x 2

Non-printed parts required:
-12 x M3x10mm countersunk screws for Top/Bottom frame
-6 x M3x40mm Nylon Spacers for Top/Bottom frame
-8 x M3x12mm countersunk screws for Arms
-8 x M3 Nyloc nuts for Arms
-3 x Vibration Ball Dampeners for HDcam

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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