PHIL – The Filament Holder

Author: TheNewHobbyist, published on 2015-09-04

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PHIL is my fully printable universal filament holder. PHIL knows how to hold filament because PHIL is made of filament.

I’ve included a few design sketches in the upload. I poked around Thingiverse for design inspiration and considered making a few existing designs customizable using OpenSCAD. In the end I decided to make something unique and 100% printed.

I’ve tested the spool holder with Makerbot ABS, small PLA, large PLA, and various other generic spools. By spreading out or rotating your two PHILs you should be able to accommodate any size spool.

I put some stick on rubber feet on my PHILs because I have a slippery desk. You can also use 3M Command Strips to hold PHIL down if necessary. Lastly, I’ve included mounting holes for screws on the bottom of PHIL if you’d like a slightly more permanent installation.

Thanks to TBuser for the great pin library I used to make PHIL spin.

Update 9/20/15: I’ve added the source Trimble SketchUp file for those users with print tolerance issues. Hopefully scaling the spools slightly larger or smaller should help with tightness/looseness issues.

My spools printed on the tight side, but the longer I spun them the easier they turned. Now they spin like matchbox car wheels!


For a two-tone PHIL switch filaments at the following mm layer heights:

  • 0-3 Black
  • 3-10 Red
  • 10-13 Black
  • 13-End Red

After printing snap all the parts together and fill PHIL with filament.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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