Photo Tent Brackets

Author: ctheroux, published on 2013-09-15

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This is a low-cost photo tent mainly used to take pictures of small objects. This photo tent is easy to dismantle and to store.

Look at the instructions for the BOM and information on how to build it.


You will need the following to build this tent:

  • 5 foam core board. I used 20 inches x 30 inches x 3/16 of an inch.
  • 4 front corner brackets.
  • 4 rear corner brackets.
  • 4 clip lamps.
  • 4 daylight light bulbs. I used Sylvania 100W DayLight bulbs.
  • 1 white card board

Mount the above as shown in the pictures.

The foam core boards used for the side panels will need to be cut. Their length has to be the width of a board plus two times the board thickness. Make sure that the side panels are two times the board thickness longer. This way, you will not need to cut the back panel. Note that the board dimensions are slightly shorter than what the manufacturer says. Mines were 29″ 15/16 x 19″ 15/16. So, the length of my side panels are 20″ 5/16.

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