PLA Cube Gears v2

Author: whpthomas, published on 2013-08-13

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This has been created with my new PLA gear kit, which includes parametric PLA compatible pin connectors. With this new OpenSCAD kit, the gear centre and pins remain the same, its only the outer shells that change. It will allow the creation of all sorts of gear object mashups.


If you have a Replicator 1/2/2X all you need to download and print is the centre_plate, pin_plate and full_plate. They already have helper tabs, so they are ready to slice. I kept the center and pins separate so you can print them in a different colour, which I personally think looks better =)

If you have a smaller printer you can print the small_plate and plate2 four times, instead of the full_plate.

The blue cube gear I printed above used 25% infill, and 3 shells (2 extra shells in ReplicatorG) at a 200 micron layer height with the skin module enabled.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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