PLA tested Spring / Shock system Suspension

Author: LordNinja, published on 2013-11-01

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I know it is closer to a spring then a shock system but it does the trick. I was trying to learn Inventor LT and I came up with this design. I wanted to know if PLA could function as a printable spring/shock assembly and it worked well.

This is designed to be a concept only so this lacks a finished assembly or mounting points.. I suspect you can add these. Please use this and share with me what you do with it. I’d love to see what this goes on to influence. I tried to find a similar thing on here and failed to so I made this.


I printed this at 15% fill and 3 walls on my makerbot rep2. I generally scale it 125% as well so the central guiding rods are larger. I used rafting and supports, I peel the supports out in a spiral, it’s not too bad to do but I’d used small pliers. Print this standing up with the spring spiraling up towards the Z axis and the cap resting flat on the ‘ground’. Sorry about pre rotation. Maybe I’m not sorry afterall. 🙂

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: dampener, Piston, robotics, shocks, Spring, suspension