Planetary gear

Author: ngoodger, published on 2014-03-06

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3d printed planetary gear with gear bearings connecting the carrier to the gear planets. This allows (potentially) for reduced frictional losses in comparison to sleeve bearing.

The design is a extension of Emmett Lalish’s innovative gear bearing and also uses his pin connectors V3 library

The gear ratio is written on the using HarlanDMii Write library


Print the carrier and the planetary gear separately and assemble.

The included gear.stl uses a 0.15mm tolerance which may or may not enough for your printer. It can be adjusted in the openscad source file.

Material: 1.75mm Blue and red PLA from Colorfabb

Slicing settings

Slicer: Kisslicer
Number of loops: 2
Layer thickness: 0.2mm
Extrusion width: 0.5mm
Infill: 33%
Extrusion temperature: 195deg
Bed temperature: 50deg
Perimeter speed: 20mm/s
Solid infill: 30mm/s
Sparse infill: 50mm/s

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: Epicyclic_gear, fractal, Gear, Planetary_gear