Playable Guitar – Printable Without Supports

Author: Solstie, published on 2014-10-03

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I am working on a more refined design. My current guitar warped on me. Before having other people print it, I want to fix it (since this is such a big project). Stay tuned for the update as it will be posted again in the months ahead.

This is a 3D printable guitar!

  • The whole thing is printed. You don’t need anything else but some super glue to assemble the guitar.
  • Add some strings and standard guitar tuning machines and you’re done!

  • It is about 3/4 scale and is very playable.
  • See a video and hear what it sounds like here:



I printed the body at 50% fill. I printed it in 3 pieces and super glued them together (attached the files for how I sliced it). No supports are needed, but I did put a small support at the top of the sound hole to ensure it looked perfect. The bottom back portion of the body is a little to steep of an angle, but mine still turned out alright (printed without supports).

You can print without supports. I printed the bottom portion of the neck (the part that is in the body) at 33% since it is supported and reinforced by the body. The main part of the neck and the head I printed at 50% fill. Less may be possible, but I wanted to ensure that it didn’t warp. Slicing right behind the nut is a good idea since the alignment of the head is not critical. I included the files for how I sliced the neck.


When super gluing the neck together it is critical that you make sure the neck is aligned perfectly. A neck that is out of place even a little bit will make the frets buzz. If this happens then you can sand the frets that are creating the buzz. Sand a little at a time and work your way up the neck until the buzzing is gone. If you do a good job gluing no sanding will be required.
Strings and Tuners

You will need to buy classical guitar strings with normal tension. The tuners are the standard steel string guitar tuners available everywhere on the internet (should be able to find them for less than $10).

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