PortaBerry Pi (Handheld Raspberry Pi Emulator)

Author: 3Derp, published on 2014-05-05

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(Note: User BigLazyB has put together an excellent set of instructions/schematic for this project which can be found under the files page of his remix found HERE)

Presenting the PortaBerry Pi! A Raspberry Pi powered portable emulation machine. Now you can take your retro gaming anywhere you go (so long as you have a pouch to carry this little Beast :P).

The specs are as follows:
Processor: 512 Mb Raspberry Pi Model B
Display: 4.5″ TFT Monitor
Battery: 9.6v NiMh Pack
Controls: Custom, running on Teensy 2.0 (Joystick, four action buttons, start/select, and two shoulder buttons)
Sound: 2 Mini 8 Ohm speakers running mono, or a stereo 3.5mm headphone jack
Operating system: RetroPie

(Please see the bill of materials under ‘instructions’ for a detailed list)

Here is a nice album full of detail shots. THIS album offers nice detail shots of the interior. A much larger construction album as well as a work in progress bill of materials can be found under ‘instructions’. My submission here is currently a work in progress and I hope to finish the bill of material as well as offer a schematic very soon. As I stated in the instructions there was a lot of frustration involved in this project that pictures and spread sheets can’t communicate. My advice would be to use what I have uploaded as inspiration for a project of your own. I hope you enjoy 🙂

EDIT: A video of the unit in action can be found HERE

P.S. I would like to give a nice shout out to Ben Heck. If you have a chance look him up on Youtube. His portable raspberry pi project (featured on this very SITE) was the inspiration for my project.


For a detailed construction album see THIS album. A work in progress bill of materials can be found HERE. I will post a schematic as soon as I can.
The bill of material contains information on all the main components, it lacks only the smaller connectors and mounts as well as the hardware. I will add them asap.
All the parts should be ready to print without support. Please let me know if any of the files are acting weird.

Learn from my mistakes and build your own personal gaming machine. It’s a healthy mix of fun and frustrating and thanks to the Raspberry Pi and inexpensive TFT displays it can be done on a budget. I hope you all enjoy, I will update as often as I can with more resources. Thank you.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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