Poseable Human Hand 16 points of Articulation

Author: jasonwelsh, published on 2013-08-13

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Need a hand model? Are you a poor artist that can barely afford the next packet of Ramen Noodles? Is the art school you’re going to making you pay ridiculous prices for stuff like this? Can’t get a grip on why these things cost so much?

Screw them ! Bribe a friend who has a 3D Printer to print you a hand!

Point out things in style!

Or you can just set it on your desk and let it hold stuff?

Anyway wanted a challenge.. Hands are tough to make.. Enjoy the hand.

NOW the hand in the image is at 50% scale. If you print it at 100% you will get a full sized hand. Which is great if you needed it to be that big. SO PAY ATTENTION!!
I made 100% sure that the smaller one was easy to glue together. So the bigger one should be a snap. The knuckles will need to be glued and vised while they dry but other than that the rest is really easy. No sanding required unless your printer sucks.


At 50% scale you need a 1/16 drill bit to clear out the holes for 1.8 PLA spikes. And youll need 3/8 Washers on the balance arm – 1/4 screw for the base arm.

at 100% you can use 3mm PLA spikes. The base will be huge and I doubt it will function because the hand will be pretty heavy..

I print these with support .. they came out a little cleaner.

.15 layer height with a very slight infill. I would use 2 outer walls for tooling the holes. 2 solid layers helps also.

PLA – spike making video

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