Print Cooling Fan System for MakerFarm Prusa i3 and i3v

Author: clough42, published on 2014-06-04

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Update: Added extra-long version for use with stock fan.

This 40mm fan shroud and mounting bracket allows you to mount a fan to cool the print when printing with PLA. It mounts to the existing holes in the MakerFarm variant of the accessible extruder.

It is not compatible with the stock hot end cooling fan that comes with the MakerFarm kit because it uses the same mounting holes on the front of the extruder. It will fit with my improved hexagon cooling system:

and my Z-probe servo mount:

UPDATE: I added some photos of a sample print. The tree frog ( is printed in PLA with a Hexagon .4mm nozzle, .2mm layer height.

UPDATE: I uploaded a new extra-long version of the fan shroud that allows you to bolt the mounting bracket over the stock 10mm-thick fan and still reach the nozzles.


The holes in the fan shroud are sized for direct tapping for M3 screws.

Attach the bracket to the extruder with two M3 screws. Attach the shroud to the bracket with an M3 screw, two washers and a nylon locking nut.

If you are installing this over the stock MakerFarm Hexagon fan, use the extra-long version of the shroud.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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