Print-In-Place Fidget Cube

Author: mathgrrl, published on 2014-01-19

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UPDATE: An updated model of the Fidget Cube is contained in the new Fidget Star.

A print-in-place folding fidget cube, with customization options for size, shape, and clearances. As you fold the cube it turns inside out to form another cube! Makes a nice gift or 3D-printing demo, and is fun to fidget with while on the bus, standing in line, etc.

This model prints in ONE PIECE (!), fully assembled, without raft and without supports, and then you snap it open in a couple of places until it moves freely; see the instructions. Customize size and tolerances for you printer with the Customizer link!

For a video illustrating how this type of cube folds and moves, see emmett’s great separate-pieces design at, which was the inspiration for this model.

For the smallest possible working fidget cube with clearances optimized for MakerBot printers, use the “fidgetcube48.stl” file.

For more information about how this model was made, see MakerHome:
Day 145
Day 146
Day 147
Day 148


Print with no raft and no supports in the vertical position.

Each file corresponds to one of the colors of models in the picture; they differ only by size of model and size of hinges. One additional model, the “fidgetcube48”, is a very small fidget cube that is optimized for .2mm/Standard on a Replicator 2.

After printing, carefully snap to free the vertical center hinges.
Then fold together vertically and carefully snap free the horizontal center hinges. If this doesn’t seem possible then fold together vertically the other way and try again.

Finally, snap free the horizontal hinges near the top and bottom. Again, if this doesn’t seem possible then change the vertical configuration first.

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