Print Your Own 3D Scanner Kit (for IntriCAD Triangle software)

Author: idea_beans, published on 2013-10-03

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21 Oct 2013 UPDATE: Shorter extension tracks added. Instead of 130mm long, they’re 120mm long to fit UP Mini.

Been working on this for a few weeks now, trying to build an easily assembled desktop 3D scanning kit to go with IntriCAD Triangle software… The idea was to create a casing that not only houses the turntable and the circuit boards that go with it, but also provides a base that has slots for the extension tracks. Originally a large base board about 600mm x 600m was required for fixing everything in place at the right angle and distance, but the board took so much space on the desk that I found it unpractical.

Now with this kit, I can slide the laser and camera back and forth along the extension tracks to adjust the distance, or up and down their own bases to get the right height. They also sit at the angle of either 30 or 45 degree from the laser. I added a piece of curved locator in the end to hold the extension tracks in place because the long it gets, the harder it is to have the camera fixed at the correct angle.

Still in the process of perfecting Dual Camera mode… I couldn’t find many tutorials online that explain how to make the cameras work together, but I’m still getting some good scans.


The entire kit was designed based on IntriCAD Triangle scanning requirements.

1 x laser
1 x small turntable
1 or 2 x HD webcam(s)

The assembling of the kit should be quite straight forward once you have all the parts printed.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives

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