Printable Robot Arm

Author: 4ndreas, published on 2014-12-13

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This is my first try to build a printable robot arm.
I was inspired by the demo of zortrax, but it’s my own design.

It is not tested yet, I’m still printing.
It should fit together but.
There are 8 608zz ball bearing required to mount the arms.
2x M8x60mm and 2x M8x65mm screws and 4 Nuts (best case self locking)

The main motors are Nema17, for the forearm I plan to use a Nema11 with a planetary gear.

The screws to mout the parts together are M4

REMEMBER THIS is untested! The forearm and gripper are also not finished yet.

first test of the basis with the first joint:

I updated some files… most should fit now, but still a work in progress.

all parts are printed:

The second part:

I started a hackaday project:

You can find a overview on my blog:

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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