Printrbot Simple X upgrade.

Author: iamjonlawrence, published on 2014-02-25

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Increase your X travel to GT2 belt drive and 165mm print area while keeping the stock print plate. Larger area is capable with a custom plate.


  • Well calibrated printer.
  • Ability to print 98 mm x 98 mm (use “Orientated” files), or print 125 mm length (use standard files). I installed my Y-Axis No-Sag upgrade first, then printed parts for this one (
  • 8mm linear rods 87 mm longer than the hole center distance on your print bed. For the stock bed, that would be 254 mm long rods, which gives you 165 mm print area.

2014-03-10: Updated Rod ends to increase thickness next to bed mounting bolts.

2014-03-19, RevB: Updated Rod Ends to increase thickness next to belt slot. Updated RodEnd-Mirror to move belt anchor away from Simple 2014 fan. The stock fan should clear nicely now.

2014-05-13: Added a couple files to allow for any length rod to be used. By installing “RodEnd-Mirror-Mid.stl” at the edge of your bed, and “RodEnd-Mirror-Overhang.stl” at the end of your rods, the rods can extend well past the edge of the print platform. Pass the belt thru the Mid part and anchor on the Overhang portion. This way the belt tension will pull on the ends of the rods and not bind the bed leveling screws.

Design inspired by ahaer


Assembly Tips:

  • Thread belt around timing pulley and between bearings BEFORE mounting motor plate on machine.
  • To get the belt length, secure one end of the belt in a rod end part. Temporarily snap the rod ends onto the 8mm rods and thread your belt thru the other end, and the belt tensioner. Mark where the belt comes thru the back of the belt tensioner and cut it about 15mm longer than that mark. Remove one of the belt ends to give you some working room. Fold the belt at your mark, wrap around a 6mm piece of filament, and insert into the belt tensioner. Re-install and tie-wrap both rod ends in place. Tension belt.

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