Prusa i3 rework Dual bowden extruder 1.75mm direct Drive ajustable

Author: eMotion-Tech, published on 2014-08-06

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This is an improvable version of a dual extruder i3 version.
It has the following features:
-adjustable height
-direct drive with a 13x8x6mm gear drive
-1.75mm filament
-compatible to standard Jhead mount
-compatible Hexagon, Jhead, E3D, Merlin, and more
-adjustable spring straight
-Clipsable Extruder drive on the prusa i3 Rework structure (between plastic and motor)
Thomas Batigne
eMotion Tech


We didn’t generate any documentation because of the current work in progress.
Correct me if I’m wrong but the BOM should be:
-2x 624ZZ
-2x drive gear
-2x M8x40+
-2x M8 nut
-2x M4x10
-4x M3x40
-2x M3x25
-4x M3x10
-6x M3 nut
-2x small spring
-2x big spring
-2x pneufit (1/8″ if your hotend have not thread entry)
I believe sharing it with pictures will be enough to understand the idea.
This material was tested with Hexagon and E3D and work pretty fine!
We think jhead is a bit more delicate to use because it seems to require more pressure to push the filament in the Jhead (we tried on a MKV).
Some more notes:
-We have two versions of the dual mount:
(x) the standard one will need a 4mmx 1/8″ pneufit and will need to thread the plastic part
(x) on some hotend you can directly screw a pneufit (such as Hexagon) so the integrated pneufit version has a larger hole in order to let the full pneufit pass through.
-Do not forget that you can directly put the extruder drive part on the prusa i3 structure (without screwing anything, gravity is here for you)
Enjoy !

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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