PTFE FIlament and Cable Guide for CTC / FlashForge / Duplicator / Replicator

Author: thruit00, published on 2014-05-22

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This Kit allows you to install 4x2mm PTFE filament guides on your extruder on the following printers:

CTC Creator Dual
WanHao Duplicator 3 & 4
FlashForge Creator I,II,III & X
MakerBot Replicator 1

This kit is optimized for my spring loaded Drive Blocks but should work on other drive blocks as well if they perfectly align with their in and outlets to the nozzles.

The Kit contains:
Extruder Plate with cable manager and sockets for M6 Push-In connectors for 4mm tubes.
A back mount module with cable manager and sockets for M6 Pneumatic Push-In connectors for 4mm tubes.
All M6 sockets are just core holes for M6 and you need a thread cutter to finish them.

1m 4x2mm PTFE tube cutted into 2 pieces (2mm inner 4 mm outer diameter)
4x M6 Pneumatic Push-In Connectors for 4mm tubes
1x M6 thread cutter


For good quality threads I sugest to use ABS filament but alternatively M6 threads also work in PLA as well.

If you don’t use an infill density of 100% please use at least 3 shells (better 4) to provide enough material for a stable thread cutting.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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